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Classical Piano Favorites, $11.29 plus shipping and handling.

Welcome, film makers, producers, directors, and music library recruiters. Shohei is a composer with a strong classical and jazz background. He has worked on numerous films, some of which have won prestigious awards. He has also worked with people from Luther Vandross, Beyonce, Kenny G, to name a few.

Latest works:

Sakura Sakura




Kojo No Tsuki


Aki No Tsuki

Intermezzo Op 1 No 6

Intermezzo Op 1 No 5

Intermezzo Op 1 No 4

Intermezzo Op 1 No 3

Intermezzo Op 1 No 2

Intermezzo Op 1 No 1

Shohei has just released Classical Piano Favorites Volume 2. The album is a continuation of the first release and it is available through iTunes and CD Baby in digital format only.

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 2 available through iTunes.

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 2 available through CD Baby.

Shohei's performance of "Sick Doll" on his Classical Piano Favorites album will be used by NBC Universal for the TV show "Kings".

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 1 available through iTunes.

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 1 available through CD Baby.

All music in the music section is composed by Shohei. Most of the music on the music page has been used for film.

For full list of film credits, please visit Shohei's projects section and completed projects.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Shohei's critically acclaimed performance of classical piano favorites is now available on CD! Tracks from this album are now available through iTunes. Thanks for all of your support!

Over 13000 tracks sold to date!

From TAXI Feedback - "Your performance is wonderful. Your execution is clean and clear... overall, it is a well done piece and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it. Thanks again."

TAXI Overall rating from a scale of 1 to 10
Music - 10
Marketability - 10
Arrangement - 10
Production - 9
Engineering - 9

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