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Shohei has completed the following projects:

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Listen/Purchase Japanese Classic Songs Jazz

More Music by Shohei

"Classical Piano Favorites Volume 2"
This CD album contains 24 short classical piano favorites, performed by yours truly. Available on iTunes and CDBaby!

"Begging for Change"
Another film by JT Tepnapa, from the creators that brought you the hilarious screen gem, Masturbation: Putting the Fun into Self-Loving, comes an entirely different kind of film. What if? What if we had more than one destiny? What if we had more than one path? Would it be worth it? Whether you like it or not, life can spin you in all different directions. `Begging for Change' takes one day out of the life of runaway gay teen. After receiving a silver dollar from a mysterious man in black, he is thrown on a journey of two roads, one leads him back onto the streets, and the other road leads him home.

"My Humanity"
I'm scoring this documentary about a family who adopted 10 kids with cerebral palsy. This is a great film that sends a message of unity and undertanding, which I feel is lacking in todays world. This film is directed by Daniel Skaf of the Chapman University graduate film program.

"Plan B"
Directed by Morgan Mead, written by Alex Smith, this is a story about Ginger, a beautiful exotic danncer, and her boyfriend "Lex", the club DJ. I wrote all of the music for the scenes in the club. This film was chosen to be screened at the 2005 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in Los Angeles.

"Superhero FunnyBio"
Release/Air Date: none
Medium: Product,
Territory: Local United States
Production Company: FunnyBit Studios, LLC
Contact Person: Madison Whitten

"HRO Commericial"
Release/Air Date: August 8th
Medium: PSA/Commercial,
Territory: Local Portland Metro
Production Company: Copious Creative
Contact Person: Patrick Ezell

"NAC-The Little Years"
Release/Air Date: Oct 30, 2006
Medium: PSA/Commercial,
Territory: Local Ottawa
Production Company: Reel Impact Communications Inc.
Contact Person: Mark Thomson

"Moj posao, TVC Superheroj"
Release/Air Date: Oct. 18, 2006.
Medium: TV,
Territory: National Croatia
Production Company: Imago reklamna agencija/Moj posao Net
Contact Person: Silvija O?ævald, Imago reklamna agencija

"CTV 01"
Release/Air Date: UNKNOWN
Medium: Product, TV, Internet, PSA/Commercial, Film
Territory: National United States
Production Company: Commercial Television
Contact Person: Jerry Dobbs

Release/Air Date: ongoing
Medium: Internet,
Territory: Internet internet web site
Production Company: N/A
Contact Person: Gerri Leonard
Additional Comments: To be used on the website as background music

"Fit for a King Fitness"
Release/Air Date: 8-1-2007
Medium: Product
Territory: National UNITED STATES
Production Company: DV SERVICES
Contact Person: THOMAS HUNDLEY

"Kotori, Chicks'n Cats"
Release/Air Date: february 2006
Medium: Product,
Territory: Worldwide internet distribution
Production Company: GlutSoft
Contact Person: depotte jean-philippe\
Additional Comments: video game

"Wedding Show"
Release/Air Date: 02/14/06
Medium: Product,
Territory: National US
Production Company: King Design Office
Contact Person: Emily King

"Camp Death"
Release/Air Date: December 20, 2005
Medium: Product, Internet, Trailer, Film
Territory: Worldwide Canada
Production Company: Lick A Frog Productions
Contact Person: Shaun Tisdale

Release/Air Date: 12/05
Medium: Internet,
Territory: Local Westport, CT
Production Company: REMAX Heritage
Contact Person: Carrie Perkins
Additional Comments: Personal Promotion

Release/Air Date: 1/8/05
Medium: Product,
Territory: Local UK
Production Company: Orbital Design Ltd
Contact Person: Justin Smith

"Into The Mist"
Release/Air Date: 10/01/2005
Medium: TV,
Territory: Worldwide satellite tv
Production Company: single cell entertainment
Contact Person: angie rowntree
Additional Comments: episode 9 dance scene

"Photo Slide Show"
Release/Air Date: August 31, 2005
Medium: Product,
Territory: Local Seattle, WA
Production Company: Pete Lindstorm Photography
Contact Person: Peter Lindstrom

"Animation/student film"
Release/Air Date: not complete/unknown
Medium: Film
Territory: Local Los Angeles CA
Production Company:
Contact Person: james ramos
Additional Comments: for student film, animating

"Easter Event"
Release/Air Date: 03-27-05
Medium: Theater,
Territory: Local Hohenwald, TN
Production Company: none
Contact Person: Pam Lasater

"The Loaf "
Produced by LA Special, this is my first film with this group. Asif Ahmed had a big part in making the music work with the film. It's a wacky, crazy short about a girl scout, a homeless dude, and an overweight couple. I wrote a cartoony score for this sketch.

"LA Special"
I'll be working with LA Special, a team of talented artists based in Los Angeles. I've scored a film with one of the film makers involved in the project. We're on channel 36, Fridays, from 11 pm throughout April 2005!

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Japanese Classic Songs Jazz YouTube Playlist

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This film, accepted by USC's gay/lesbian film festival, is produced by Juilian Breece and directed by Christine Elia, in affiliation with USC. The music features a jazz trumpet tracks. Many thanks to Bill Dowling, the trumpeter who laid down the trumpet tracks.

"Well That's Showbiz"
Written by Regan Redding, this is about the price of fame and fortune. How far are you willing to let things slide in order to make it in show business? I think this topic is appropriate as we have all asked ourselves how far we'd go and how much are we willing to sacrifice to get what you want.

"Nadia's Fritzes"
Nadia's Fritzes is an independent Netherlands animation still in production. First (non profit) releases are scheduled in 2007 (the possible filmfestivals who accept the finished animated film).

"Masturbation, Putting the Fun Back Into Self-Loving"
This award winning film is directed and produced by JT Tepnapa of Sky Angel Films. It's a satire on those 50's health and hygene films made for instructional/ classroom purposes.

"Foul Shot"
Directed by Danilo Mancinelli, this is a feature film about basketball. It's a story about politics and favoritism in the world of basketball. Voted 1st place in Sports Drama at the Indie Gathering Film Festival in Ohio. Official selection at the AOF Film Festival in Long Beach

Directed by Kevin Collins, writer for the WB show "Soul Food", this film is a horror with a good twist in the end.

Directed by Jim Falletta, this is a spoof on the E! True Hollywood Stories and It's Good to Be series. I wrote an underscore of fast-paced hip hop and rock tunes.

"Deathly Heaven"
Produced by Aaron Garcia. This is about a man who doesn't know whether he's in heaven or hell or limbo. He wanders and meet the figure, a symbol of a past love in his life whom he lost. The score will contain waltzes and lush love themes to bring this film the final touches it needs.

"Just Say Love"
Produced by Dena Hamama and directed by Mike Baird, this unique film has 4 short songs and no dialogue. This film was recently accepted for screening at the Director's Guild of America and Newport Beach Film Festival 2005. Some of the music from the film are listed in the music page.

"Drag Queen Heist"
This film, winner of best short film at the Dallas Gay/Lesbian Film Festival, is directed and produced by JT Tepnapa of Sky Angel Films.

"Rupture" is a morbidly depressing film about lonliness and separation. Directed by Yiuwing Lam, this film is being funded in part by the ABC New Talent Development Grant and the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant. It'll feature a jazz ballad with lyrics by none other than the talented Natalie Martin. Thank you Natalie for the great lyrics!

This is a horror film for director DJ Brawner. Check out DJ's movie site for more info at

"Super! Market"
This is a super-hero/action film written by Carly Wray of USC. This is about a supermarket clerk whose super hero imagination runs away from him and gets him in myriads of trouble.

"The Great Speedwell Caper"
This film is about 4 kids who plan a cool heist that takes place in a toy/collectibles store. Written by Jared Romero, directed and produced by Vince Masciale. This film was recently accepted for screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2005.

"The PETA Principle"
Directed by Lisa Jordan, this film is a 10 minute short comedy horror. It's attack of the killer oranges meets PETA.

"Classical Piano Favorites"
This CD album contains 23 short classical piano favorites, performed by yours truly. Now available on iTunes and CDBaby!