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Thanks for checking out my music. Unless specified, I wrote and recorded these tracks and I'm very proud of each and every one of them. Please keep in mind that these are copyrighted.

Latest works:

Sakura Sakura




Kojo No Tsuki


Aki No Tsuki

Intermezzo Op 1 No 6

Intermezzo Op 1 No 5

Intermezzo Op 1 No 4

Intermezzo Op 1 No 3

Intermezzo Op 1 No 2

Intermezzo Op 1 No 1

Classical Piano Favorites Volume 2:

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 2 available through iTunes.

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 2 available through CD Baby.

Classical Piano Favorites Volume 1:

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 1 available through iTunes.

Classical Piano Favorites Vol 1 available through CD Baby.

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Film Music

Classical Dance
Uh Oh!
Let's Start the Show
Cheery to the Max from "The Loaf"
Fatso from "The Loaf"
Humorous Roamer from "The Loaf"
Stacked 4ths
Moving Dramatic Theme
Rousing Trumpet Theme
Cool Quartet
Modern Theme for Strings
Chase Scene
Military March
Comical Scene
Hero's Theme from "Super ! Market"
Get Ready to Rumble from "Super ! Market"
Happy Times from "Masturbation"
Sad Relief from "Oranges"
Grandiose from "The Great Speedwell Caper"
Horror Revealed from "Oranges"
Down Low from "The Great Speedwell Caper"
Terrible Tragedy from "Oranges"
Parting Ways from "Above the Best"
Quiet Anger from "Rupture"
Play it Hard from "Above the Best"
Red Alert from "Drag Queen Heist"
Sweet Flute from "Above the Best"
Sad Hope from "Rupture"
Rock Out from "Above the Best"
Tired and Confused from "Profile"
Sneaking Around from "The Great Speedwell Caper"
Shady Business from "Above the Best"
Sobering Up to Horror from "Oranges"
Mild Build Up from various films
Proud Moment from "Above the Best"
Amazing Elegance from "PETA Principle"
Tense Buildup from "Oranges"
Are You Exorcised from "Headliners"
Terror Cometh from "PETA Principle"
Clumsy Me from "The Great Speedwell Caper"
Droning Underscore from "Oranges"
There's Something Behind You from "Oranges"
Eerie Feeling from "Oranges"
Tragic Sadness from "Rupture"
Unknown Horror from "Rupture"
Weird Space Odyssey from "Vivian Pusher"
Realization from "The Great Speedwell Caper"

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Unrequited (from Jazz Album Project)
Routine (from Jazz Album Project)
Pure (from Jazz Album Project)
Puzzling (from Jazz Album Project)

Atmospheric Horror

Bad Blood
Disturbing Breathing
Disturbing News
Tech Ghosts
Sick Birth

New Additions:
Moving Theme for Drama
Moving Theme with Piano
Melancholy Mood
Relaxing/Moving Mood
Pensive Brooding Mood
Aurora Borealis
Cold Water


Beats for Looping

Urban Beat
51 Cent
Groovin' 2
52 Cent
Rap Over This
It Swings
Rock Blues
Chocolate City
Phat Beatz

Dance Tunes

Cyber Stardust
Hot Night
Naughty Girl
Outer Galaxy


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